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Shane Lorimer, MPH

Director of Health Education


One of the most repeated phrases that I hear while health coaching is “I know what I need to do; it’s just a matter of doing it.” People are usually right about that. The doing is the hard part. Over and again, I’ve found that the best approach to health improvement is a collaborative one that augments and elaborates on strengths, while acknowledging and anticipating obstacles. This holds true whether I’m working with an individual person, a community, or a corporate population.

I appreciate that at Baskin Clinic, we focus on building strong relationships—with our clients, patients, and our team. For me, these relationships and human connections are what differentiate Baskin Clinic. Simply put, it’s just more satisfying and rewarding —both for my patients, and myself.

Prior to Baskin Clinic, I was a health educator for WebMD, one of the nation’s most prominent corporate wellness providers, serving some of the biggest companies in the U.S.

I grew up in the Kansas City area, before becoming one of Portland’s many Midwestern transplants. After moving here in 2009 to pursue my Master’s in Public Health, I just couldn’t pull myself away.

Other than working at Baskin Clinic, I volunteer as a youth mentor in a school health promotion program. Beyond that, I’m usually chasing my outdoor pursuits—like backpacking, wilderness hunting, cycling, climbing, and mushroom foraging to name a few.


B.S. Health Science, Truman State University, 2007

M.P.H. Health Promotion, Portland State University, 2012


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