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Another Sleepless Night

As a mother of two young children, the quest for a good night’s sleep at times seems elusive. Thankfully, for the majority of my life I've had little difficulty getting a good night’s rest. Aside from occasional times when I was worried about an exam, I would easily...

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We’re Not Always Right

I heard an uplifting story the other day on the radio. It was an interview with the current head of NASA, Charles Bolden, who shared his experience as a youth trying to gain entrance to the Naval Academy. Mr. Bolden dreamed of becoming an astronaut, which for a black...

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Year in Review

It's time once again for Baskin Clinic's annual Medical Year in Review, where we bring you developments in medicine and science that have either escaped the popular press, or deserve deeper scrutiny than most sound-bite shows offer. You'll notice a number of topics...

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Pause for a moment. Sit up straight, put down your smartphone, close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Take an inventory of your muscles – is there tightness in your calves, tension in your neck, or pain in your feet? Do you sense a lot of mental...

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