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What Can Baskin Clinic Do For You?

Personalized Primary Care

At Baskin Clinic, we focus on people—not just illnesses and conditions. Our unique, personalizes approach to medical care means that we’re partners in your quest for long-term health—not just technicians diagnosing problems.

24/7 Access

At Baskin Clinic, there are no “after hours.” We’re committed to serving our patients when and where they need us. That’s why every patient has access to their doctor’s cell phone and email address. Rest assured, great care is always just a phone call or email away.

Same-Day Service

When a call or email won’t resolve your health care issue, we proudly offer same-day office visits for your convenience. We intentionally keep our client list small, so we can provide our patients with the best service possible.

On-Time Appointments

We know that your time is valuable—that’s why 90% of our appointments start at their scheduled time. You won’t be kept waiting in a lobby or exam room, or get stuck filling out endless forms. Instead, you can count on prompt, reliable service that suits your busy schedule.

Virtual Visits

Sometimes you can’t make it into the clinic, or you don’t want to get your sick child out of bed. At Baskin Clinic, your doctor provides you with same-day callbacks and email responses for a more timely, efficient health care experience.

Coordinated Care

When your needs extend outside of our clinic, we have a community of specialists who we know and trust to provide our patients with exceptional care. We help coordinate treatment and ensure effective communication between all providers.


“I called Dr. Baskin on a Friday morning, when I had made travel arrangements to leave town late that Friday afternoon. Within a half hour, I was being examined by him at his office. I had several tests performed during the day, and actually received the results early enough to make my travel connections that evening.”

– Paul R.

“Dr. Heather Baskin has been my primary care physician for a number of years now, and she is by far my favorite! Heather is personable, caring, thorough and knowledgeable about women’s particular health concerns. I happily place my health care in her capable hands and recommend her wholeheartedly to all my family and friends.”  

– Pam H.

“Joining Baskin Clinic is the best medical decision I have ever made. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Rebecca Neborsky, Kim, and the rest of the staff at Baskin Clinic! My toddler and I are both patients of Dr. Neborsky, and her thoughtful service, quick response time, and excellent follow up have made this our medical home. Dr. N has also referred us to several specialists who have all been outstanding.”

Ashley B.

“My doctor is Dr. Lee Salsburg, and she is one of the best doctors I have ever gone to. She is very patient, accurate, and thorough in making sure that your concerns are met. They have prompt service, but they don’t miss a beat when it comes to taking care of your wellness. I  highly recommend.”

– Dezi S.


We provide quality care for the whole family with simple, age-based pricing that’s unrelated to your current health status or pre-existing conditions. There’s no need to worry about co-pays, deductibles, or hidden charges and we offer helpful discounts too—like 5% off for patients who pay annually, and an additional 15% off for groups of two or more patients.

Ready to Meet Your New Doctor?


What is Baskin Clinic?

Established in 2005, Baskin Clinic is a direct primary care clinic located in Portland, Oregon.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care creates a better relationship between you and your primary care doctor. Your doctor works for you, instead of the insurance company. By paying a low monthly fee, you receive a level of personal attention from your physician that no other medical practice can offer.

What Services Are Included in My Membership?


Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to your primary care doctor
  • Same day urgent care
  • 24/7 email and cell phone access to your doctor
  • Same day return phone calls
  • Unhurried, 30 to 60 minute office visits
  • Comprehensive preventive care
  • Women’s care including: routine gynecologic exams, and management of birth control or menopausal symptoms
  • Diagnosis and management of chronic conditions including: diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol/blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, and many others
  • Blood draws
  • Skin tag and wart removal
  • Skin biopsy
  • Joint injection
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Body composition analysis
What if I Need to See a Specialist?

For specialized services that we don’t provide, we have an unparalleled network of professionals who share our standards for exceptional patient care and service. As with other services provided outside of Baskin Clinic, you will use your health insurance coverage to pay.

Will You See My Whole Family?

Yes! Baskin Clinic has family physicians to provide care for all stages of life.

What About Pre-Existing Conditions?

We treat people, not conditions. If you’re a pre-existing person who happens to have a condition, rest assured, we will treat you (without pre-condition)!

Does Baskin Clinic Count as Health Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act?

No. You will still need a qualifying health insurance plan.

Are Medications Included?

No. Of course, we will write prescriptions for you as appropriate, but you will use your health insurance to pay for them.

Do You Accept Medicare?

We do not. Baskin Clinic care is separate from your Medicare benefits. Even though we do not participate in the Medicare program, we can still direct your care to providers (lab, x-ray, specialists, and others) that will bill Medicare.

Are Vaccines Covered?

As a courtesy, we offer patients seasonal flu, tetanus, and pneumonia vaccines. Other vaccines can be ordered at your expense, and administered free of charge.

Are Lab Tests Covered?

We will collect samples for lab analysis, and deliver them to your insurance’s preferred lab provider. The lab will then bill your insurance.

Do You Treat Chronic Pain?

We treat patients suffering from chronic pain with a variety of interventions. However, narcotic regimens must be managed by pain specialists.

Let Us Partner with You to Improve Your Health.

We’ll show you a health care experience you’ll tell your friends about.

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This practice does not constitute insurance. This practice provides only the limited scope of primary care as specified in the retainer medical agreement. Specialty and/or hospital care, pharmaceuticals, and testing (labs that are not included, X-ray, Ultrasound, etc.) are not covered by your fee and are your financial responsibility. The Department of Consumer and Business Services issued a certificate to this practice. You can contact consumer advocates at the Department of Consumer and Business Services at (888) 977-4894, dcbs.insmail@state.or.us, or Oregon Insurance Division.