Holiday Buffet

In honor of our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, this blog is a buffet of topics I’ve collected over the past few months. And as we close this rancorous election season, let’s peacefully reach across the table and settle the debate of what pie to serve: the piecaken will satisfy members of every culinary denomination. Enjoy your meal!   Operations Improvement? A few months ago I stumbled across a website for a virtual physician assistant called Built around a structured questionnaire, this …Read More

Another Sleepless Night

As a mother of two young children, the quest for a good night’s sleep at times seems elusive. Thankfully, for the majority of my life I’ve had little difficulty getting a good night’s rest. Aside from occasional times when I was worried about an exam, I would easily drift off once my head hit the pillow. That carefree nocturnal landscape has been transformed into countless nights nursing, rocking and soothing my sons back to sleep. With mounting evidence on the detriments of not getting …Read More

We’re Not Always Right

I heard an uplifting story the other day on the radio. It was an interview with the current head of NASA, Charles Bolden, who shared his experience as a youth trying to gain entrance to the Naval Academy. Mr. Bolden dreamed of becoming an astronaut, which for a black man growing up in South Carolina in the 1960s was a lofty goal indeed. Luckily, as part of the Great Society programs, President Lyndon Johnson had …Read More

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