Portland Primary Care Providers

Portland Primary Care Providers

Primary care offers a tremendous opportunity for you to build a meaningful relationship with your physician.

Portland primary care physicianYour primary care provider helps you achieve personal health goals, stay current on preventive screenings, and guide you to the right specialist.

Best of all, your primary care provider (also known as a PCP) is trained to handle up to 90 percent of your health issues, without you ever having to see other doctors.

Unfortunately, most primary care providers are forced to see clients in 10-minute increments. This high-volume approach means you don’t get much opportunity to develop your relationship. Additionally, most overworked primary care doctors don’t have the time to tackle complicated health issues.

The primary care physicians of Baskin Clinic, a Portland, Oregon medical group, offer many advantages over a traditional PCP. You can be seen the same day as issues arise. You can directly contact your Baskin Clinic doctor on the phone or by email, 24 hours a day. And longer office visits give you plenty of time to address all your concerns.

We are partners in your health care, so you’ll never feel like an outsider again.


Primary Care Provider comparison Conventional Practices Hybrid Practices
No deductible provides primary care in portland none none
No co-payment provides primary care in portland none none
24hr access to your physician provides primary care in portland none none
Physician availability office visit, phone and email office visit only favors office visit