“Excellent care requires time. Time to pay attention to details, listen to my concerns, educate me about good health and advocate for me in the medical arena. Dr. Baskin gives me the peace of mind that I am expertly and truly cared for as a whole person.”

“I called Dr. Baskin on a Friday morning, when I had made travel arrangements to leave town late that Friday afternoon. Within a half hour, I was being examined by him at his office. I had several tests performed during the day, and actually received the results early enough to make my travel connections that evening.”

“My experience with Dr. Baskin as my primary care physician runs counter to the real gaps one faces in the US health care system.  She is immediately available and responsive to your needs in a warm supportive manner.  You call her cell phone and she is there, no matter what time of day or day of the week. When you are ill and dealing with tests, procedures and specialists, she runs interference for you linking all the pieces, communicating with you constantly. You never feel as if you are falling between the cracks.    As an added bonus, she has a great sense of humor and is fun.   What a combo to have.”

“I chose Dr. Heather Baskin as my primary-care physician when I moved to Portland over 4 years ago. Whenever I have needed an appointment, I have been seen on the same day or the next. In addition to her high level of medical expertise, I have found Dr. Baskin to be a compassionate individual and a careful listener, whose highest priority is her patients’ health and well-being. When I’ve had a medical issue, she either has the solution, or chooses skillfully between watchful waiting and top-specialist referral.”

“I have a rare disease for which Dr. Baskin consulted a number of world experts around the country. Based on his in-depth research, he significantly changed the care that I was receiving. He personally lobbied my HMO to allow me to meet with these experts. When it became clear I would need surgery, everyone agreed that it should be done at a specialized facility, which my HMO initially denied. Dr. Baskin lead a successful campaign to reverse their decision.”

“Dr. Heather Baskin has been my primary care physician for a number of years now, and she is by far my favorite!  Heather is personable, caring, thorough and knowledgeable about women’s particular health concerns.  I happily place my health care in her capable hands and recommend her wholeheartedly to all my family and friends.”

“Dr. Baskin takes it upon himself to personally phone reminders that it is time for routine physical exams and lab tests. If we have an emergency issue he has always been available to listen, and has even come to our home to care for us.”

“You would be quite fortunate to have him as your personal physician.”